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Introducing Jetstrap for Bootstrap 1.0

Posted April 9, 2013 by Ben Sperry

Jetstrap 1.0

Today, we are super excited to announce the 1.0 release of Jetstrap, the interface builder for Twitter Bootstrap! It’s been a long time coming, with lots of late nights, hard work and a lot of love. We thank all of you for the great feedback and help finding and fixing bugs and making the tool much better.

In the past few months, Jetstrap has grown from a side project to a healthy product with over 80,000 users. The passion behind Bootstrap and the opportunity it unlocks for more people to be developers is immense. We are so excited to be a part of this wonderful community.

Check out these new Jetstrap features that make Bootstrap development faster and easier than ever:

Live HTML/CSS/JS code editing


We integrated a new, beautifully designed code editor into the interface as an integral part of the creation process. Want to mess around with the HTML or link a custom JS hook to a button? Just slide click “Code” on the bottom bar and it slides up with everything you need. Never want to even look at the code? No problem. It also serves as the component breadcrumb manager. Grab your own snippets of code, paste them into the editor, and watch as they display live in the screen pane. Try it out with Bootsnipp!

New templates, Bootstrap components, and image uploading


Check out the new Bootstrap starter templates. We threw in the Jumbotron, Narrow Marketing, Justified Navigation, and more. We also added the ability for you to upload your own images (finally!). We’ll host them for you, too! Aside from that, we added several new Bootstrap components like Checkboxes, Radio buttons, Form elements, and more.

Text editing like a pro

text editor

Text editing the way it should be. We upgraded and improved the way the text component works. It felt clunky having to make changes to text in a separate window. By focusing on the basics, we designed the text options to be simple and unobtrusive, however, we plan to add more customizations in the future. Expect to see some new fonts, sizing, and more!

New user interface and project dashboard

background panes

We also simplified the interface and added some beautiful scenic backgrounds for the dashboard, which look incredible on both regular and retina screens. On top of that, the actual editor has a fresh new look and feel. It’s a solid in foundation, yet flexible enough to accomodate different display sizes.

1.0: A focus on simplicity and Bootstrap

Jetstrap was built to help you create for the web more easily and efficiently, all with the awesome Twitter Bootstrap framework. Whether you’re mocking up a new landing page idea or simply want to get a better grasp of HTML5 and Bootstrap, Jetstrap makes it easy. Plus, you don’t ever have to code if you don’t want to!

With this release, we focused on elevating the simplicity of the tool to make it easier to use and more cohesive as a product. In order to do that, we had to throw out our old UI and reimagine it. The visual design, the code architecture, the entire experience of using the tool. It’s simpler, cleaner, faster, and more beautiful than ever. Trust me when I say, this isn’t like any other software tool you’ve tried.

Simple pricing, one plan

simple pricing

With this launch we are also rolling out our Introductory Pricing! In addition, we’re giving out a FREE Jetstrap t-shirt with every purchase during the month of April! It’s super simple: one plan, $8/mo billed annually or $20/month, month-to-month (there’s also a slimmed down Free plan). Pricing is really hard to get right, but we’ve listened to a ton feedback and feel like this is a great start. Existing users can keep using the original free version of Jetstrap for 60 days.

We are a customer funded company, which means there’s no VC’s or outside influencers pushing us towards an exit. Why? Because we love working on this stuff and plan to be around for a while. What does that mean for you? It means that as long as there are awesome customers supporting us, Jetstrap isn’t going anywhere, and neither are we. Learn more about us!

Now go forth, and build!

No seriously, try Jetstrap out now! We think you’re going to love it. And make sure to let us know what you think, too. Jetstrap is piloted by you as much as it is us. We are thrilled (and lucky) to be able to work on this amazing tool in this fantastic community. We’ll be continuing to develop and improve Jetstrap in the months and years to come. This is truly just the beginning, and we’re so thankful to have you along on the ride with us. Make sure to check back here often for more news and updates!